some stress relief, please.


I’m not sure you want to know all the things that have brought my stress level to an all time soaring high, do you? 

With the excitement of the “new” in whatever realm it is for any of us, comes challenges.  And building frustrations.  I am thinking back to having my babies.  Never in all my life (besides our wedding, Steve!!) have I been more excited about something.  And I just wanted to bottle up all of that joy and excitement and NEVER, EVER, EVER forget what it felt like in that moment of holding a new miracle in our arms…

And then the sleep deprivation begins.  The pain and achiness of delivery, nursing, and overall exhaustion (especially when more children are at home with you) kind of takes center stage.  Keeping your house clean becomes more of a struggle because of your exhaustion, the baby’s feeding schedule, doctor appointments, and your new life and new normal.  And that joy of the new?  Is it still there?  Where did it go?  Are you feeling it?

Building and developing a new church.  Exciting, yes!  Life-giving, absolutely!  Moments of joy, yep!  And then exhaustion and overwhelment creeps in.  The new thing is so wonderful.  And again, not without challenges.  And if I’m honest, frustrations too.

That may be somewhat of a dramatic illustration of how I am feeling right now.  And you know what Steve says about DRAMA?!  He does not appreciate it.  And neither do I.  So I am sorry to sound like a bit of a drama queen here today.   Wow, I am whiney, aren’t I? 

At Blessings Unlimited we are doing a NEW thing and I am so pumped.  Really, there’s more to it than just the jewelry for me!  (HA!!)  I have just set up my new company website as we have switched over to a new system.  I have just entered my first gathering in the new system.  I am tweeking things here and there working on the new system trying to get it all figured out.   And even though it is presenting me with a few challenges this morning, I already know this NEW is going to be amazing.  I will link you to it so you can check it out also, if you’d like.  It makes shopping and gatherings so much easier. 

Ok, so I have documented the challenges of life and there is one thing that really helps ease stress for me.  COOKING!!  And especially making new (there’s that word again!!) things and trying them out on those whom I love.  Sometimes the new leaves them all wondering if there was any love in it.  And sometimes, we get some winners.  Here is a winner for you!  I found the cutest little Pepperidge Farm sliders buns which is really the inspiration behind and reason I searched for these recipes.  I found LOTS of different recipes for these and kind of put together a few and made my own version.  It worked on my family anyway!

Buns - Mini Classic Slider Sandwich

Mini Sliders

Brown 2 lbs of hamburger with a packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix, salt, and pepper.  Drain.

Next, mix about 1/2-1 cup of Hellmann’s mayo with a splash or two of Worcestershire sauce and 2 cups of shredded cheese of your choice (I used colby jack)

Combine cheese/mayo mixture with prepared hamburger.

Spread on one side of buns and top with the other.  Place on foil-lined cookie sheet and cover entire thing with foil.  Bake at 350* for 30 minutes.

My family loved them.  Could it be that we have not sat down at the table to eat together something other than soup or sandwiches in a very long time?  Yes, maybe.  Nonetheless, I’m counting this as a keeper.  And it eased my stress level too…at least a bit.


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