don’t pass this up!


Alright everybody.  It is time to think gift giving.  I am serious.  This is a gift that I absolutely LOVE.  I gave these caddy’s as a “favorite thing” to all of the women in my family a couple of years ago.  And now, you can get them at the cheapest I have seen. 

This Wooden Caddy is from Dayspring.  And you all know my heart belongs to Dayspring and their home business, Blessings Unlimited.

I don’t know if you host Easter in your home, or go to Easter celebrations and dinners.  If you do?  You could totally bless your hostess with this gift.  Or Mother’s Day?  Amazing deal.  Amazing gift.  The quality is unbelievable.  Anyone I have given this to you has absolutely loved it.  And mine is sitting in my kitchen right now piled with receipts and miscellaneous items that need a home.  (not exactly how I love to use my caddy, but hey!)


I read this gal’s blog and she partners up with Dayspring every once in awhile to bring some “knock ’em out of the park” exclusive deals by going through her blog links to order and using the code provided.  Check here for all of the details and codes:


Dayspring always has a free shipping amount also.  So get your Easter, Mother’s Day, Teacher, Wedding, and Christmas gifts all done in one swap.  You aren’t going to find a better price for a better product.  Trust me.  I love mine.



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