it’s the thought that counts, right?


I will admit to being a bit “quirky” and that mom who tries different traditions to see it they’ll stick.   I was intrigued by the growing popularity of the Pi (e) day.  And yes, I DO know what pi is and how they came up with it because of the date…yada, yada, yada.   To tell you the truth, anything MATH related brings on a bit of an involuntary twitch.  Not my favorite subject–but I can get in to a Pi(e) Day.  I can set my mathematical inadequacies aside and embrace this day and try making it fun.  Why not?  A great excuse for a “pie” dessert.  Totally out of the regular routine of dinners.  I know, I know.  A surprise that I don’t routinely make pies for dessert for my family?  yeah, right!

My “mom of 4” colleague, Tonya at the 4 Little Fergusons blog, posted a quiche’ recipe—clever, right?  Kind of like a pie.  And I thought it would be a perfect meal along with salad and a dessert pie for dinner last evening.  I was even kind of excited and feeling rather proud of my themed dinner for my family. 

And then, this happened…

A friend of mine stopped by while my bacon, mushrooms and onions were frying up on the stove.  Our kids were playing together and neither of us were sure where they were, so we walked out in front of my house.  And got to talking.  And talking.  And talking.  Until finally, I remembered the dinner I was in the middle of making and freaked out.  In through my door I found a billowing cloud of black smoke and a horrid smell.  I was SICK.  I had burned the heart of my quiche’–the yumminess that would make this quiche’ special, and a whole pound of bacon.  There was no salvaging any of it and luckily I had sausage on hand and tweaked the recipe to fit.  Besides the disappointment of a ruined planned recipe, my house, clothes, hair, skin, garage, closet, and neighbor’s house just STUNK.  Bad.  I went to pick up my big girls from track and the coach came walking up to my car and said he smelled something.  And unfortunately, I don’t think he was kidding.

Thankfully, before the epic fail, I managed to R.O.C.K. a peanut butter pie.  I am going to link the original recipe HERE from Tonya, and then tell you what I did to change it up a bit. 

I followed the recipe, mostly except for using a chocolate graham cracker crust and adding about a 1/3 cup of peanut butter to the pudding mixture.  This pie MORE than made up for the smoke in our house.  It’s a keeper and a perfect way to celebrate Pi(e) Day!!  And to make the day even sweeter?  Five beautiful pies were waiting for us at work last night.  I think I kind of like this holiday…


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