I’ve already caved…


It’s always a little bit of a downer coming off an awesome weekend, especially when you’ve been on a little weekend get-a-way.  And back to reality–work, laundry, cooking.  I could get used to no cooking, no laundry, and intensive family time.  So much fun, and I can’t wait to document it all.  Let’s just say…there was A LOT of “Harlem Shaking” going on thanks to my persistent oldest child.  She is going to wish she had not done that when that video shows up some day (such as maybe her 8th grade recognition party) for all to see!  Except that I don’t want anyone to see me shaking it either.  HA!!  And I fell in love with this little nephew of mine….Ahhh, what a precious baby!


Yep, this is real folks.  Me at breakfast with NO makeup.  Natural born beauty!!!  NOT!

For the kids, coming back home was just an extension of a sweet Spring Break!  No school, no homework, no responsibility…but WAIT!  These next few days at home are scaring me a little.  Four kids at home means lunches I usually do not have to make.  More fighting I usually do not have to referee.  More things are out of place.  You know what Spring Break means to me?  It’s a taste of summer.  A taste of what is to come in just a few short weeks.  Hard to wrap my mind around that.  I feel like we just started school.  I’m getting excited!

I want this to be a week that we all enjoy.  So, I had to come up with a slogan, a mantra, or theme we could all take hold of.  Now, before I tell you what it is, you must know, there was MUCH eye rolling happening.  Not from Kourtney or Landon.  No, they grabbed our theme for the week and made the commitment.  Even through the eye rolling of the big girls, when asked to repeat the theme over and over—I did manage to get them to laugh.  And smile.  As much as they didn’t want to, they couldn’t help it.  Because the THEME ROCKS!!!  Ready to hear it?  You may want to adopt it as your own too?  Go ahead.  And let me know how it goes over in YOUR family.

Get something done, then have some fun!

Do you love it as much as I do?  Do you think your family will love it as much as mine did?  SMILE!  It’s going to save my sanity.  I just know it.  That is, until I caved.  A sweet little friend showed her bright sunny face at the door and I had to let Kourtney go play for just a little bit.  Getting something done would happen after lunch.  And then, after lunch, the big girls got some texts about hanging with their friends and playing basketball.  And you know what?  I caved again.  Getting something done could happen when they got home.  But guess what?  A non-mandatory track practice was taking place.  The getting it done was not happening exactly how I thought.  It’s our first day at home.  There’s 5 days left.  Plenty of time for gettin’ it done and havin’ some fun!! 

And we did get the vehicles cleaned out…cross it off the list.


Think my kids love looking at our dry erase board?  Don’t ask them.  Please. Notice Dave Ramsey is on my “get it done” list  and Dave Ramsey is on Steve’s “fun” list.  Does that tell you anything about our life?

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