If you live anywhere near the area that our family does, the word “judas!” is used quite frequently in every day language.  Like “Judas, I can’t believe it’s snowing in March”.  Or, “Judas–I thought it was supposed to be spring.”  Or “Judas!  How long is spring break?”  Or “Judas, do we have to clean the house again.”  Or something like this…”I have done 12 loads of laundry this week, and Judas…there are 3 more waiting”.  Get the idea?  See how we use “judas” in a sentence? 

I have NO idea how the name of one of Jesus’ disciples has become everyday common language use for our community.  My children were saying “Judas” like second to “mommy” and “daddy”.  Of all disciples to refer to often, JUDAS is not the one I would pick.  I kind of like “John–it’s a winter snow storm on March 23rd.”  Nope.  It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

This month’s virtue at Journey Kids is HONESTY.  And quite honestly I am excited for this week’s lesson on, you guess it…Judas.  I’m excited because I think the majority of our kids here his name frequently, like I said.  I can’t wait for them to meet the real Judas everyone is talking about.  How HONESTY and JUDAS are like oil and water.  They just don’t mix. 

Preparing for this story, I can’t help but feel so sorry for Judas.  If you know how the story goes, Judas was a very dishonest person right from the get go.  His greed of $$ cost him absolutely everything.  Overwhelmed by the guilt of leading the soldiers to Jesus and ultimately to Jesus’ death on the cross, Judas took his own life.  Which tells me, he was distraught and anguished over what he did.  How many times have each of us been in a situation where guilt has taken over?  Obviously, for most of us, not to the extent and extreme of death–thankfully.  There are times it is easier to lie, or so it seems.  To keep things going smoothly, or keep yourself out of trouble.  Or even more so when you get or reap rewards from being dishonest.  Doesn’t always feel that great though, does it?  I mean really.  And the words I tell my kids each and every time?  There is ALWAYS someone who knows if you are lying.  Always.  And when others find out?  And you are not a trustworthy person?  What is there left for you at that time?  Building trust and keeping trust is a HARD job.  Especially, when you have lost it in the first place.


This virtue of honesty has been so relevant for what our kids deal with each day.  I bet there are more times than we can count where kids and adults alike get to put the virtue of honesty into practice.  It is real.  It was real when Jesus was leading his disciples.  And it’s real today. 


The next time I hear, “Judas, it’s too early to get up for church” I wonder if they are going to think about who Judas really was and remember our bible story for this week. 


JUDAS, that’s my goal.


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