two teens in the houuusssseeee.


Gosh.  How in the world did that happen? 


I mean, seriously.  This was just yesterday.

 Best friends from the very start.  Well, maybe it took a couple of months.  Come on—you know, Nat was “dethroned” on that Wednesday, April 5th, 2000. (and believe me when I say she needed dethroning!)  She now was sharing the limelight.  But it sure didn’t take long before you could see and feel the love between these two.

I will never forget (and we’ve got it on video too!) when chubby Kassidy was just 3 months old.  And being the obedient child that she was, Natalie at not even 20 months old (yes—they were close together) began jumping on the bed.  (we were such good parents) And before we could reprimand her and tell her to stop, we got the HUGEST belly laugh out of Kassidy.  For the very first time ever.  You know how preciously sweet it is to hear a baby laugh for the very first time?  There is nothing better.  Steve and I were laughing so hard with tears in our eyes.  And of course, Nat thought she was just a rock star as we continued to foster a dangerous activity for this toddler only to get her sister to laugh.  Precious memories.



Steve and I had the most fun the other night going through old pictures.  We are trying to find pictures for Natalie’s 8th grade recognition night.  It was hard to find a picture of Natalie without her trusty sidekick, Kassidy.  As is the same for Kassidy.  Nat and Kass.  It just rolls off the tongue…

They could possibly not be more different, when it comes right down to it.  Kassidy has always followed in Nat’s footsteps.  And when that gets the best of her?  Which it does sometimes, we talk about how God placed Kassidy as Nat’s little sister for a reason.  She was hand chosen for her place in our family.  And we think it is just a perfect fit.


Happy Birthday to our only brown-eyed girl~~whose dark black hair turned blonde.  Our wittiest child by far.  A new teacher in school this year told Kassidy after meeting Steve and I the first time…”Well, Natalie looks just like your mom and you, Kassidy, look just like your dad”.  Do you know how Kassidy replied to that?

What?  So you’re saying I look like a dude?”





Happy Birthday sweet Kassidy Ashlyn!  That number 13 is just shining pretty brightly, as if to say “ha, ha mom—she’s 13.  she’s growing up and you can’t stop it!!”

Blow those out!!



Thank you.


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