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First of all, I must remind you that the Blessings Unlimited Jewelry LAUNCH Party is TOMORROW!!!!!!  I can NOT wait to show you what I’ve got.  In fact, I can’t wait to figure out what piece of jewelry I am wearing to church tomorrow…is that sick?  {smile—and don’t answer that.}  Anyway, my home (message or reply if you need an address) tomorrow afternoon from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  And we have special guests!!!  THIRTY-ONE—awesome, aweome bags.  I can NOT wait to see the special.  AND, ORIGAMI OWL, which is kind of new to this area and absolutely one of the coolest ideas ever for jewelry.  Basically, what tomorrow comes down to is this:  FOOD (menu still not finalized, any suggestions?), FUN, FRIENDS, and SHOPPING!!!!  That is my kind of day, I tell you.  I’ve made my graduations lists, Mother’s day lists, wedding lists, and new baby lists.  We’ve got something for everyone!

On to today…I wanted to share a few things I’ve had on my heart and have been waiting for the right time.  Something my friend posted about yesterday has prompted me in this, and so without too much detail, because as nurses we are to not share much.  I had a sweet, young couple who was scheduled for a c-section.  I was working the night shift—and part of our job is to prep our patients to be induced for labor and/or prep them for their scheduled c-section.  This happens in the very early morning hours when most normal people should not be awake.  I don’t even know how these women can sleep the night before, knowing the next day they will most likely meet their new baby!  In fact, I always ask how much sleep they had gotten, and most of the time, it is “very little”.  I am sure many of you moms can relate, right?

Anyway, everything seemed “normal” with this sweet gal.  I got her IV started, papers signed, and we discussed the plan for the morning.  I was feeling pretty on top of things and left the couple alone so I could get some charting done.  When I returned to their room, this girl was very upset and crying.  And what it came down to, she was so anxious and absolutely did NOT want to have a c-section. This is not uncommon to be anxious for a major surgery.  I comforted her, encouraged her, and did all the things any nurse would do.  I kept having this nudging that I should pray for her.  And so I asked her, “do you want me to pray for you?”.  And guess what she said?  “NO.”  Now, let me tell you….I felt kind of like a huge idiot.  I felt like I was taking a huge leap of faith, completely out of my comfort zone—and so was thinking, surely God was prompting me because this girl wanted someone to pray for her?  Well, no she didn’t.  I did pray for her.  Just not with her.  The turn of events that happened from there showed God was with this girl.  But, that’s probably I can say.

In another situation, a good friend of mine also was preparing a patient for something that caused incredible fear.  She shared just bits and pieces of this—and her point was that her patient was comforted by my friend “wearing her faith”.  A simple verse spoken because of something she was wearing.  God in the midst of fear made known through another person.  When Blessings Unlimited first introduced this new jewelry line, I loved the message.  The message of wearing your faith.  Not always is it easy to come up with the right words for someone.  And not always is it easy to recognize the need and pray for someone.  Because sometimes, things happen like with me, that scare me to ever try it again—if I’m honest.

The Blessings Unlimited Team has this to say about the new jewelry line, and I love it so much…

“In love.  In kindness.  In generosity.  In hope.  Adorn your life with the eternal and put on reminders of God’s grace in the now.” 

“Reminder of God’s Grace”.  What a perfect description for the jewelry you wear.

Would you like to see my favorite that I have been wearing for the last couple of weeks?  I don’t know how many silver hoops I have, but they are always my “go to” earrings.  And now, these new cross hoops are the “go to” of choice…


Come see the rest of our line of jewelry and have some fun while you’re at it tomorrow afternoon!



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  1. Steph,

    I can’t make it to your gather today because it’s Confirmation Sunday at St. Joseph’s, so Mass is at 3:00 this afternoon with a celebration meal to follow. Along with 40 other kids, we have three beautiful young ladies from Moundridge (Sky, Shantel, and Mykaela) being confirmed, so it’s going to be a wonderful afternoon.

    Anyway, I’d love to look at a new catalog. Hope you have a great turnout.


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