entering a new stage…


{sorry for stealing your pictures, Lyndi!}

Before I can even start this post today, we are PRAISING God for his protection of sweet Lyndi and her parents yesterday in the tragic bombing in Boston.  Another day that will be forever written in the history books and a day our children will remember as the story is re-told over and over.  It is just too hard to understand.  Why anyone had to lose their life, or their life as they knew it.  It is not something I can explain to my kids.  I could not find words to comfort Kourtney last night as yet another event in her sweet, young life, has rocked her world and shook her to the core this year.  I am SO very thankful that our family is safe there in Boston.  The look on each of my kids’ faces when I told them that Lyndi was running and Lynn and Lori were there with her spoke many words.  Of how much these people mean to them, even though we see them only a couple of times this year.  We are beyond blessed to have them in our lives.  The kids’ said it all.  And with our relief and praises, we lift up the many who are questioning “why” their child?  Why their family?  Why, why, why?  We do not know the answers, but we do know the God who is wrapping his loving protective arms around each of us in the midst of tragedy.  And that is all we can hold onto as we live here in this world.  This place is not our home.  We are not home yet…



On to celebrate the little joys in our lives this morning.  Or, is it a joy?  I am beginning to wonder.  I wonder why in the world I did not take my firstborn Natalie to take her driver’s test to gain her learner’s permit when I could have back in October?  I wonder why we didn’t get a jump start on the 50 hours she has to drive with her parents?  I wonder?  Do I really?  NO!!  The answer is plain and simple.  First of all, it scares me to death—the thought of driving with my child.  Second of all, maybe–just maybe, it was an attempt to keep her as young as possible for as long as possible.  Yes. Yes, I think that is it.

You know, as farm kids (mostly Steve was) we drove all of the time.  We drove ourselves to school as a FRESHMAN!  Help me.  I am thankful for the stricter restrictions, but yet I feel like they need to learn and learn as much as possible for when they are driving on their own.  I have had a couple of accidents as a young person and so did Steve.  This obviously shapes my view of teen driving…HUGELY.  But just as the little birdies begin to leave their nests, this is a step that has to be taken.  And I am finally ready to delve into this new stage.  And after today?  We have a new driver in the houuuusssseeeee….WOOP, WOOP!!  You have to understand, this is not the first time she’s been behind the wheel.  In fact, I think she took some friends home in a golf cart the other night—is this legal in town?  Um.  I don’t know.  And?  She has driven with her dad out in the country, just like good ‘ole country kids do.  You know…to get a taste of driving.  I am forever scarred (sorry, Dad) by my first driving experience where I learned on a stick shift with my dad.  Where I killed the car on  the overpass when coming to a stop.  Over and over and over.  Fun times.  Therefore?  No stick shift over here.  Although I did get pretty darn good with my stick shift, didn’t I Dad?  Do they even make stick shifts anymore?

So, with that…I am old enough to have a child behind the wheel.  This is crazy.   Could that be my biggest problem?  It may or may not be.  You be the judge—or better yet—don’t judge.  Try to smile when you see me in my passenger seat.  I will probably NOT wave at you or even smile at you.  And for that, I apologize.  There’s a birdie over here trying to fly out of the nest.



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