not a wildcat…what?!


There are some growing experiences that happen over here quite a bit.  Have you noticed?  If lima beans for breakfast tells you anything…

And most of the time these growing experiences are a very good thing.  Even if I might question them, or the kids question them at the time~~ there is always something to be gained by what you experience.  Right?

Looking at my kids’ wardrobe (and some of Steve’s and mine for that matter) one would lead you to believe we buy not much more than red or black.  And if there is to be an animal printed on a piece of clothing?  It’ most likely a wildcat.  Not to be confused with the powercat.  {smile, K-staters! you know I love you}

Lately, even though the colors don’t tell much of a different story, we are sporting some new mascots around here.  Like Inferno, Heat, and Vikings.  Maybe acceptable because black and red haven’t changed.  But definitely acceptable—-because how awesome is it to make new friends?  How awesome is it to learn to play with all different kinds of sports in a new way than what you are used to?


It is very awesome.  It is very stretching.  It is uncomfortable until you really start “meshing” together—which for junior high girls, takes a while.  And sometimes?  “Meshing” doesn’t happen until your last game of the tournament, or even your last tournament of the season.  Learning to make new friends and develop a team is an experience kids are going to take with them throughout their life.  It doesn’t have to be sports.  It’s college.  It’s the workplace.  It’s driver’s ed!  It happens when kids begin school and parents get together.  It’s church!  It’s everywhere.  Experiences kids are having do have an impact on their lives, even if they can’t see it…yet.

Mostly, I am so thankful for the opportunities my kids have had the past few months.  Playing volleyball with a brand new team and then hearing them talk about seeing these kids now at track meets—too cool!

And Kassidy, spreading her wings on her own without her sister–is an experience too in itself as she has made new friends from different places.  Kourtney even a got a little taste the last two years of making different friends through teams.  And Landon?  Well, his team has become his second family lately.  He doesn’t even know any different.

I don’t want to forget these times that are shaping our kids.  Someday, I hope they look back and can see how their experiences have made all of the difference.



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