gearing up…


If you know me at all, the fact that I jumped on buying these Orange TOMS at the Orange Conference probably will not surprise you…at all.  In fact, I know it will not surprise Steve.  Still, I think I will break the news to him via this blog post.  Thanks Steve for your credit card!!  {smile, honey—all of the girls will be able to wear them too}. I have a mild obsession with TOMS right now, sorry.<



I have gained so much from this conference already (besides the adorable TOMS!). In fact, I am almost on information overload.  All so good!  I’ve even learned to take notes on the iPad.  And that is huge for this paper and pen type of gal!  Today will be a big day.  Our last here and we are gearing up for some incredible worship and challenging inspiration, I am sure.  I wish Steve was here.  Besides children and youth ministry, there is so much centered on the family.  In fact, that is what the significance of the color ORANGE is.  That red and yellow representing church/ministry and family.  It takes both combined together in raising a child up in the Lord.  Cool, huh?

My friend, mentor, and children’s pastor at Journey went to different breakout sessions than I yesterday.  It has made for some great conversation when coming back together.  One thing she came back to me with was just one of those powerful nuggets.  It impressed on my heart because it is something Steve and I had already been doing with asking the kids around the dinner table about their high and their low for the day.  We tell them ours too.  There have been times I’ve used my low as a teaching moment where I would discuss their certain behavior that day that was my low.  Is that bad?  Ha!<



Anyway, as a Christian family this speaker challenged us to instead of using highs and lows, use how did you see God today? And what mistakes did you make today?  


Of course, that would be something all of us would answer. What an awesome way to weave faith into conversation! I can hardly wait for family dinner…


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  1. At the orange conference they said I could order these online and can’t find them. Do you have a clue where to get them?

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