rockin’ the friendship virtue.


We just wrapped up a month at Journey Kids with the FRIENDSHIP virtue—and these two pretty much hit the mark on what it means to be a friend to one another…

These friends ACCEPT one another.  This friend of Landon’s opened his eyes to a whole new world of what it means to live on a farm.  We actually have found an inner farmer in Landon that we never knew existed!  And it’s quite funny, actually. image

After time spent together at Joseph’s house, Landon was ready to get cows.  So what did Steve do?  He got some cows.  And then we named those cows.  And they have since had babies.  And soon we will be eating one of those cows.  (this did not go over well with Kourtney as she had to tell that cow good-bye—seriously miserable!)


R.I.P. Big Mac

Landon was also ready to move back to the farm where we came from.  So what did Steve do?  No, he didn’t move us back to the farm, although he could have because it is up for sale again.  But we all kind of nixed that one.  Landon believes that when you go do anything on the farm, you have to wear boots and these special kind of jeans with a tape measure attached, hat, and anything camo.

So when he has this stuff out?  You know he’s been farming—or planning to.  And for this?  We can thank his friend Joseph. Or perhaps, Duck Dynasty too.  Steve thought he may never have a famer in his only son.

These friends ENCOURAGE one another.  I have the privilege every once in awhile to drive them to basketball practice.  You learn A LOT from listening to backseat conversations, let me tell you.  But, just another area they spend much time together.  And I have definitely heard and seen encouragement from them both.  Something I hope carries out all the way through their years of playing basketball, football, and baseball together.


These friends SERVE with one another.  These are perhaps my favorite pictures of these boys.  They served together at a relief sale a few weeks ago.  I pity the poor gal in charge, because they do like to have fun together, if you know what I mean.  Definitely fun to see them together doing something that did not involve some kind of ball.  HA!


And every Sunday, these boys get to WORSHIP with one another.  Their form of worship?  Shooting baskets in the gym up until the second Sunday school begins.  Then grabbing hot chocolate and orange juice to re-fuel, and sitting side by side during praise and singing, and I have no idea what they may do to Steve during the small group time?  The morning will end with tearing everything down and a few more basketball shots made.  But hey…it’s worship.

Friendship:  spending time with someone you trust and enjoy.  Like I said…I think they hit the mark on this virtue, anyway.  Now the PATIENCE virtue for May?  I am a bit worried about Landon on this one.

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