little boy, big dreams.


You may want to skip right on over this post, because it’s once again time for musings by Landon.  Another writing booklet came home and apparently they were to write about their goals for the future, perhaps?  I’m not sure.  But I do know he’s thinking about what he’s going to be doing.  And I do know, it gave Steve and I a good couple of minutes of entertainment—a few laughs, and I might have even shed a tear or two…

{NOTE:  I am writing this in the exact form of grammar, punctuation and spelling—bless his heart.}

If I was in the NBA I would be on Ocklahoma City Thunder team.  I want to be tall and really strong so I can break the rim.  Like the guy on TV he broke that rim like it was just a fly guarding him.  I would probably make three pointers, well I hope.  I will probably be a point guard.  Because I am short so I might be a point guard.  I want to be as good as Kevin Durant.  I’m going to have to practice alot because he is good.  Once he hit a three when there was a tall guy guarding him.  He was half from the ground and he is a giant.  All of people are good in the nba because they have to pass college or else they can’t go the the nba.  What I’m concerned with is that I might not be good enough to play in college.  It’s going to take me a long time to get their but I am only 8 years old.  I’m probably going to have to wait at least 20 something more years until I’m going to play in the nba.  I am going to hit a buzzer shot and stuff people!  I am going to go to the weight room every day.  I am going to try to lift a 30 pounder because I have never been able to lift that for some reason.

Oh precious boy…we love your dreams.  And believe us when we say we will be praying that you pass college (you know, the prerequisite for playing in the NBA).  And bless you my sweet youngest, you are only 8 years old.   I don’t want your little mind to be “concerned” about anything.  But if this is the dream you have, we will start praying your dreams come true.  I’m pretty sure you will someday lift a 30 pounder.  And maybe, just maybe we will see you play in college.  And if you pass?  NBA is next.



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