look what I spied…


Yesterday was a stinkin’ awesome day.  I had humongo plans to get a ton done on my house.  My little baby brother graduated from college last weekend and we are having his party here this weekend.  SCARY!!!  I have just a bit to do…because I took a THREE hour nap yesterday afternoon.  Seriously.  What in the world?  I was going for a 20 minute power nap.  Um, yeah.


But, that nap gave me energy.  And I got to get a walk in with a friend—which happens so rarely that schedules mesh for me to do that.  And on my walk, I had to stop and get a picture.  I found a little bit of Blessings across our little town.  And it did bless me, I tell you.  I love this on the outside of the house.  So much that I walked right up in their yard and took a picture.


Love to see Blessings Unlimited decor used in different ways.  These iron words are perfect on a house under a covered porch like they did.  I know many who have purchased it for that reason, but the only one I’ve actually seen up.  Love it!


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