think I may spank her…



What in the world.  I just don’t get it?  How can there be such a precious, loving smile pictured here with her Dad?  And then when it comes to me, the one who cleaned the house for her party, purchased the shrimp and arranged it so beautifully on a plate (thanks to Grandma Bonnie for Nat’s expensive tastes in food choices), found someone to make beautiful cupcakes, gave in and filled my drink canister with SWEET TEA (gag me.), made lemon puppy chow (which would like that besides Nat?), took 10 minutes of my life to arrange the letters to read NATALIE on the blessings blocks, AND is the daughter to the grandma who made the incredible cream cheese bread as requested????????  And this is what I get…



It’s ok, Natalie Janelle.  I still love you.  And you love me too….I can feel it.

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