rite of passage…



And to think, we are sitting here in the EXACT same spot as last year.  Looking at another 8th grader (as of today!) to tear at my momma’s heart.  Here she is pictured handing out program’s at this year’s 8th grade promotion night.  You know what this means…she thinks she’s ready to be doing this in a year from now.  And there is no stopping her, I am here to tell you.  This has been Kassidy’s life.  Following very closely (like 17 months close) in her big sister’s footsteps.  She will embrace her 8th grade year with a vengeance—because you know, she’s chasing after Nat.  And life is not going to look much the same if they are in separate schools.

If you know Kassidy at all, you will appreciate that she kept tabs on who was at Nat’s party, the kind of foods that were at Nat’s party, the fact that Nat is receiving a phone to begin her high school years, the dress Nat chose, the shoes, the “get out of school” early to get your hair done and toes summerized, and I’m guessing every explicit detail to the number of tables set up to the type of flowers in the center of each.  Good thing I took pictures.  Good thing I’m documenting.  And if you know Kassidy, she has her own way of doing things.  So, IF I am still blogging next year (which no matter what I’ll be blogging Kass’s promotion since we did Nat’s) you will see how different these two really are.  Those differences are pretty awesome too.  How fun is it to race in someone’s footsteps but step exactly alike?  I can assure you…they are not the same.  And I can also assure you, they are going to miss being together next year.  Differences and all.  IMG_1064

Thankfully, this girl is chasing a bit further behind…

IMG_1029And this one?  I’m not even going there.IMG_1035


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