grandpa planted seeds.


We added another precious soul to remember this Memorial Day and the many Memorial Days to come. Our last living Great-Grandpa and Grandpa, went to be with Jesus this week. Almost 93 years old, Grandpa Schmidt lived a very long and full life. Grandpa Schmidt looked as though he had a smile on his face as if to say–this is the time I’ve been waiting for and you can’t even imagine how good I’ve got it now. And I absolutely believe that.


I believe HEAVEN welcomed Grandpa with a big, humongous plate of BOLOGNA and VINEGAR. (seriously–a meal I will never forget him eating, in fact I think he made me try it once—key word, ONCE.)

I believe HEAVEN also gave him a big ‘ole batch of raw onions to chomp on as a side dish. (this is what my kids think of when they think of Grandpa eating)

I believe HEAVEN also had a big glass of iced tea in a big red cup to wash it all down with.

I believe in HEAVEN Grandpa would be talking to people and calling them sagey–a word he used to describe me when I was little—and I loved it.

I believe in HEAVEN Grandpa is sitting in a recliner with the funnies of the newspaper and some little girl is sitting on the arm of the recliner, half on his lap and half off, while they read the funnies together and fill in the crossword puzzle. And I believe in HEAVEN this little girl will look forward to every chance she gets to sit there with him. Maybe a little girl who never knew a Grandpa like I did. I am so excited for her.

I believe in HEAVEN there will be the biggest garden Grandpa has ever laid eyes on. And weed free!! He won’t even have to work hard. And the marigolds surrounding the beautiful veggies? They’ll be there just because they are pretty—not to keep bugs away. Because there will be no bugs, Grandpa. No weeds and no bugs. HEAVEN–that’s what I’m talking about!

I believe in HEAVEN Grandpa will tend to that garden and give away produce to each and every person. And I’m betting they will have never seen more beautiful tomatoes.

I believe in HEAVEN God has been waiting and excited to get this amazing gardener.

I believe in HEAVEN the squirrels will be racing to greet him and ecstatic there will be an abundance of corn to eat.

I believe in HEAVEN there is no more insulin and Grandpa can eat all of the sweets he so loved to eat.

I believe in HEAVEN there will be NO PIZZA–at least when Grandpa’s around. (can you believe that man NEVER had a piece of pizza in his life?)

I believe in HEAVEN Grandpa will be flying a helicopter, but this time, just for fun.

I believe in HEAVEN Grandpa is calling other little blond haired ornery boys “little buddy” like he always affectionately called Landon. (maybe one of those boys is Nate?)

I believe in HEAVEN Grandpa is planting seeds, just like he planted so many here on this earth. Literal seeds in his garden. And the literal seeds in each of our hearts of what love really is.


Never did you have to wonder if Grandpa loved you. You just knew. You knew in the way he hugged each and every one of us when we would visit. You knew as a little girl when he asked for “some sugar”. You knew each time he told you.


We will miss Grandpa! And can’t wait to eat from his garden again some day.





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  1. Im so sorry to hear of your loss.and i have to say your words are such a lovely tribute. Your Grandpa is smiling down at his sagey grandaughter.

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