this is your warning.


I’ve tried to tell people, really I have. And still, despite warnings, this little boy of ours is invited to SLEEPOVERS. It’s not that he gets homesick or wets the bed…no, it’s simply that he CAN NOT go to sleep. I always cringe when I get the reports on how the sleepover went. And this weekend was no exception. He never fails to provide a story or two. I apologize, all ye friends of ours. I know he’s a pain. I know he’s wide-eyed and can’t settle down and go to sleep. I know he does his best to keep your own children up throughout the night. Which, in turn, makes you stay up all night. Leading to what I am sure is miserable for your entire family the next day as you try to recuperate. I know he is the epitome of an energizer bunny. He goes and goes and goes. And at home? He goes and goes and goes too. But at bedtime, he may be the easiest child to put to sleep, because once his head hits the pillow, he is out. Hard to believe, friends? Yes, I know. Especially after hosting him for a sleepover. But we have proof! He really does sleep. This is how we found him not even a minute after he was begging for lunch because he was so hungry…


This is what happen when this boy has not one, but two sleepovers in a weekend. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.



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