givin’ this one to the boys…


After dropping my children off at the community swimming pool for the first time this year, the ugly truth reared its head. There was no getting around it, my kids needed new swimming suits. Landon’s suit looked eerily similar to Steve’s high school basketball shorts (think SHORT!), Kourtney’s swim top was held together by black duct tape, Kassidy’s top did not stay up, and Natalie’s swim bottoms sagged to her knees.

Ok, so it’s inevitable. We are shopping for suits. All 5 of us. And you know the great debate on who is easier to raise—boys or girls? I am here to tell you. The BOYS have got this one. And I’ve got a picky boy. I am not exaggerating when I say that Landon picked out his suit within two minutess of walking into the store. And I am not exaggerating when I say the girls went through 4 different stores, 8 different purchases, two returns, and over 2 hours of our day.

Praising and thanking God for boys.



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  1. All I know is that Ben and I spent hours upon hours planted outside of what used to be the Brass Buckle each August. Just couldn’t find that perfect pair of jeans could you Steph?! Good memories.

    • I fully own that the nut doesn’t fall far…but x 3?! That feels a bit excessive for “what comes around, goes around”!

      You knows memories if you boys shopping with me? Hiding behind and between clothes racks…

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