in honor.


Last week we celebrated Grandpa. And Grandpa was honored. In a big way. Never before have I been to a memorial/burial service where the honor guard was present. I was amazed, truly. The amount of respect and dignity displayed for Grandpa and for the family. Impressive. And I am sure Grandpa felt that honor. It’s one of those things…that you wish he would be present for. So many times we celebrate the life of our loved one who has passed by telling and re-telling stories and sharing our love for them AFTER they are gone. I am so guilty of that. And sure, I know Grandpa knew we loved him. But that intentionality of a celebration of life is so much more meaningful when you celebrate that life WITH them and for them. I don’t want the funeral to be the first time stories are shared. I want to be doing this with my family and friends />





And here is the irony of it all. The family decided to honor Grandpa with a meal at Pizza Hut. You know, because he loved pizza. NOT!


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