peering into his mind…


A preface to this post must be that you have to keep in mind, I am a labor and delivery nurse.  Where I work, babies are brought into this world—a miracle!  It is energizing and life-giving to me.  And it’s obviously something I talk about…alot.  Along with having babies (all of you who have had your own know this) comes other aspects to my job.  Breastfeeding, for example.  I am going to just leave it at that.

Now, you must understand that my three girls were and have been exposed to babies.  For one, they all had a younger sibling and learned what being a mommy was all about.  I never thought much of it, except they took becoming a mommy into very literal terms.  I am going to blame this on a show called A Baby Story.  Ever heard of it?  Probably not appropriate for young, impressionable children.  However, I was unaware of their TV viewing one day while at a friend’s home.  And from there on out, we ended up with my little girls pretending to have a baby. It was their “play” of choice and they also brought along their sweet little innocent cousins right beside them.  Most wanted to blame this on me, the labor and delivery nurse.  Now seriously, do you think I come home and give details such as that?  Absolutely not.

In addition to the girls, Landon came along.  We thankfully stopped the pretend play of giving birth almost as quickly as it started, so that was never something Landon became a part of.  In fact, Landon knew so little of what my girls knew at a young age.  He WAS the baby.  And until recently, I never really realized how little he knows about babies.  Some may be because he is a boy and never “played” house as a little mommy. I don’t know. 

So here it goes…what has been going through Landon’s mind these days.  You know how at night your kids kind of start openly talking about things?  Like they have all of this great stuff to say but you are so darn tired you hurry them along.  That is where I was at last night.  In fact, I don’t believe I was even responding to Landon’s musings as I laid there.  Any chance they get, my younger two will try to snuggle in our bed before going to their own.  I learn a lot during these times.  And last night was no different.

Landon had the floor.  And out of the blue declared “I still can’t believe that I never ate out of a bottle”.  Now you can deduct from that comment how he was fed as a baby.  And he continued to say “I just really wish I would have been able to make my own decision on how I ate”.  Further deduction would lead one to believe that a bottle would have been his preferred method of feeding. 

I could not help but laugh.  Uncontrollably at that.  And my son?  If that is your biggest regret in life, you’ve got it made, boy.September 06 034


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