it could be so much easier…new teaching technique.



“It’s not fair!!!!!”

You know what? That is exactly how I am feeling right now. Parenting is HARD business. Especially when your kids are at the age of increasing responsibility. It is not anything new—to any of us as parents. It is MUCH, MUCH easier to just do it myself. It’s an age old problem. I get it. Totally! I didn’t do my own laundry growing up–and there comes a time when the reality of not doing your own laundry comes back to haunt you. HELLO KU laundry room. {I shutter.}

My oldest girls understand—and have been folding and put away laundry, keeping rooms cleaned up, cleaning their bathroom, cleaning the kitchen and helping to cook now for the last couple of years. There is a level of expectation we have for each of our kids. And the fact is? They are all old enough to do much. Much should be expected of them all. And when it doesn’t happen? It is Steve and I to blame. Summer time always brings to surface chores at a greater level. I think I just posted about that this last week? It is obviously something we are working on over here.


(honestly, I think Landon LOVE boundaries and responsibilty—look at his smile!)

I am exhausted with telling kids over and over to get something done. And I am over it. Each of my kids are motivated in different ways, and I am STILL working to figure that out. But here is a new technique I am trying out on the younger two, even as I write. I think a reasonable expectation of getting laundry folded and separated into piles could be that it is done within 30 minutes. I was planning to spread the joy of laundry today between the four of them, but due to this new technique I am implementing, it appears that Kourtney and Landon are going to get to finish all 6 loads of laundry—without help.

So this is what I am doing. My kitchen timer. Tick, tick, ticking away for 30 minutes. They were told that if the laundry was not completed by the time the buzzer rings, the next load was theirs to do also and the 30 minutes would start over.


There has been much bickering.  There has been irritation with finding matching socks (seriously–ha!) There have been teachable moments in folding sports bras (which is taking Landon over the edge).  There is much at stake here.  Lunch is on the line.  (will not happen until this is completed)  Volleyball camp, which Kourt has been looking forward to since her eyes were open this morning (starts at 1:00—will she make it?)  And yet, the timer continues to tick, tick, tick away.


A side note, which will come to no surprise to any of us—–I could have had this done two hours ago.  Honestly, I have restarted the timer 3 times.  Again, these kids think this is such hard work.  And all I want to say is…

Just wait until you’re a parent.


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  1. I use the timer a lot at my house too! I am sure this school year will be interesting since I will have all four at home and homeschooling 😉

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