and happy knocked at my door…


They said it shipped June 13th. So much of last week was spent in anticipation for my big box. And it never came. Until yesterday. Happy came a knocking at my door. Take a look at my big family calendar for this next year. I can hardly wait to fill it and am about ready to break down the central office door and get a school calendar…image

And to say how much I love that quote on the front, well…. an understatement. If only I would look at my life this way. To go about each new year with a mantra of embrace, like I so challenge myself always. To be able to look back at each new year, each new phase of life, each new challenge and simply smile because it happened.

This calendar was made for me!! But that’s not all the happy in this place..

I am downright giddy over my planner. In fact, I am going to pick up some shifts and some “on call” time at the hospital just so I can have something to write in it.

Sick? You better believe it.


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