Yep. That cheer attire? It’s ours. That girl who has spent many a summer at volleyball and basketball camp? She’s added another camp to her list.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are hugely blessed to be in a school that offers so many opportunities for our kids. I honestly will say I was surprised when Nat came home talking about trying out for cheer. After that first parent meeting and hearing our coach say “you have no idea what a role model you are and will be to little girls as a cheerleader” and then she further went on to explain the expectations of and who you are and what you represent. So true that little girls think you are the coolest. I remember Nat, Kass, and Kourtney dressing up as cheerleaders for Uncle Sam’s many games. They loved it!


It’s exciting for me that Natalie has responsibility in character and representation of our school. It is also exciting to me that high school activities also bring about different circles of friends. Already through cheer, basketball, and volleyball there are new relationships being formed and old relationships strengthened.


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