multiply by division.


What would you do for the Kingdom of God if you knew you would not fail?

Doesn’t that just make you think. A thought provoking question that has been tossed around by our pastors and presented this past Sunday in church. I love it. I love it, because it is a statement of giving of yourself fully—without hesitation and care of what others may think. It is following Jesus the way we are meant to follow him. It is obedience.

This past year has been full of joys and excitement. Struggles and loss of what we once knew. It is a group of people who had become ONE deciding to DIVIDE. On Sunday, we talked about Peter and Paul and how each sent out to reach others for God. Instead of together they divided their ministry. And you know what? The Kingdom was multiplied. The Kingdom was multiplied by divided ministry. To say this hit home in relationship to our church life is an understatement–and further confirmed and affirmed the work we are doing for Jesus.

Not only are more people reached by division, more gifts are shared across many. Perhaps even more gifts are brought to surface as needs develop in new ministries. Maybe Steve would have never tapped into Children’s ministry? Maybe Nat and Kass would not have taught Sunday school? Maybe, there has been growth in the in the sometimes painful stretching?

I also love what our pastor said about CLOSED FISTS versus OPEN PALMS. As we become ONE at a new church, it is easy to start taking ownership in the different ministries, believing that how we are doing things is the only way. It becomes a question of investment vs. ownership. What a challenge for us all. Are we holding tightly to what WE want in a church believing that is it ours to hold onto? Or are we investing fully all that we have in order to reach more and grow God’s Kingdom? Sharing strengths and gifts of each person. We were left with a question of what is the impact of division? Powerful.



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