it’s a keeper.


Even with my trusty planner, I missed a meeting this morning. A meeting that I SCHEDULED. Embarassing. Humiliating. Humbling—for this girl who writes down her life minute by minute.


So…I couldn’t get out of bed this morning. Missed an alarm or two. Perhaps I shut it off? Missed the phone calls. Until it was too late. And my kids did not hear any alarms either. Didn’t hear me grinding coffee (because clearly I needed a pot). Didn’t feel the sun peering through to alert them to a new day. No one had weights, basketball camp, or cheer camp to be up for. And we took advantage of it. Our morning in one word: LAZY.


The only advantage to this, is that brunch was actually going to work today. Brunch is difficult with kids. They are programmed (my kids, anyway) to eat three meals a day. So no matter what, I’m not ever getting away with a two meal day. Even with snacks. But for today? It worked!!! And I have an awesome recipe to give you.

I have actually seen this recipe flying around facebook and was interested in it. Then I read my friend, Tonya’s blog and she was raving about them too. And another friend of mine said they were out of this world. So, I decided to give them a try. 7-Up Biscuits. All you need for these is Bisquick, 7-Up, Sour Cream, and Butter. Click HERE for recipe on Tonya’s blog.


We made ours with sausage gravy. Isn’t it beautiful? Try them–perfect with jam and butter too, I am sure. We’ll find out tomorrow morning for breakfast…




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