is that what you call yelling?


We had a gap. Not too noticeable, but a gap. And here I thought we were good with one out of four needing ortho work. Now, make it two. Fifty percent. It could be worse, yes. I am thankful for fifty percent. But then again, I haven’t gotten the bill.

I really am having fun with our iPhones. Seriously, I like texting my daughter whenever I need something. And I love that she can get a hold of me. I love that I can run errands while she has an appointment and can tell me when she’s done. And I really, really love when she yells at me via texting. {insert sarcasm}. I’m just starting to figure things out in “text lingo”. At least I think that’s what I’m seeing in this text conversation…what do you think?


Smile with your new retainer Nat! You make that wire look cute…



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