at least he’s honest (I guess)


My evening of fireworks was cut short by a call from the hospital saying they would need me (I was on call). So as I was driving in to work, fireworks across the sky in every direction, my phone rings. It was Kourtney. A very concerned Kourtney that did not get to tell me goodbye. A very concerned Kourtney who did not get to tell me goodnight. I know for certain I can count on her to make me feel loved and missed~~even if I am only gone while she is sleeping.

And then my next call… Landon. In my head I was thinking “what a sweetie…he is missing me too”. That was until he asked me if I had taken the iPad with me. To which I replied “yes”. Upon further questioning of my reasons for taking it with me I finally asked him, “Landon? Are you going to miss me or the iPad more tonight?”

“Um, I don’t know?”

That, my son, was the wrong answer. In fact, the iPad may not be coming home, at least as far as he knows….



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