new in the box (inbox)


There is no denying it. I got this in my mailbox today and I skipped inside! Seriously…ask my neighbor. Next week I will be traveling to Blessings Unlimited’s Summer Jam National conference. This was a life changing event for me last year and I’ve been looking forward to this year’s Summer Jam ever since my drive home from last year’s Summer Jam. {true statement}



I’ve been busy narrowing down dates and times for a “new product and catalog reveal” Blessings Brunches and Dessert Bashes so you can get in on all of the excitement too.

But what YOU may be most excited about is that we are having a JEWELRY FLASH SALE beginning tomorrow July 9th through July 11th!!!!!! This little bit of info arrived in my inbox the other day. And I have no idea which jewelry, but I do know that Blessings Unlimited’s flash sales are unbelievable! And as soon as I know, so will you. Be ready…usually things go crazy fast.

I knew I was going to have an exciting month with Blessings, but had no idea my customers would get in on the excitement too. Blessings Unlimited? They are just awesome like that. Be ready…



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