and here it is!!!



Ok, now that I’m looking at this clipart in its bigger form, I don’t like it. What a creepy face! But, I want to get this out to you as fast as I can. There are 17 (SEVENTEEN) pieces of jewelry on this FLASH SALE. Honestly, I thought it would be one or two pieces. And I’m not sure if this means that any of these are going to be discontinued or not? But either way, it’s a great sale. My absolute FAVORITE from the jewelry line is on the sale for $10—The Open Cross Hoop Earrings. I love them so much—they are my “go to” earrings of choice!!

I am going to attach the sales flyer to the Facebook link because I can not put it in the blog. The sale runs for just the next couple of days. Feel free to contact me to place your orders OR you can order through my website as well. I will attach that link also.

Right now running through my head? CHRISTMAS!!! GRADUATIONS!!! VALENTINE’S DAY!!! MOTHER’S DAY!!!! WEDDING SHOWER GIFTS!!!! BRIDESMAIDS GIFTS!!! Who likes to think ahead? I love it when I can be that on top of things. But usually I hold back not sure if it is the right gift. But jewelry? You just can’t go wrong! Happy Shopping!!!



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