separate lives


Raising our kiddos, Steve and I have always been aware that it’s almost like we have two separate families. When the kids were little, often times if Steve and I were gone for a weekend trip or had a night out, we’d split up our kids. Nat and Kass go here—-Kourtney and Landon go over here. The hazard of having four kids close together in age I guess. Even here as I write about our family, Nat and Kass are linked together…a lot! I think we see and feel it more because of their ages and activities they are involved in together. I love the fact that they have so many things they are involved in together. And unfortunately, I think this transition of Natalie moving into high school is going to change that some. But only for a year, and we will be back to togetherness for those two again.


And then there comes the “little two”. We refer to the kids as the “big girls” and the “little two”. I’m pretty sure they are hoping we grow out of that by the time they hit college. Maybe not the greatest adjective, especially for the oldest girls…ha!


Generally speaking, Kourtney and Landon are lost and out of sorts when one or the other missing. This makes times like church camp difficult for whomever is left at home (Landon!). Just ask our poor neighbor friends where he has spent most of his waking moments. He is lost without Kourtney.



I tell this story not to further separate our kids, but to show just how real and sweet the relationship is between a sister and a brother. Because if I wanted to, I could feel sad that I wasn’t the one who she thought of for this molded log of clay with my name on it. No, when Kourtney made her craft at camp this week, she couldn’t make it for anyone but her brother. In true Kourtney form, she apologizes to the rest of us that she didn’t get to make something for us all…aww, sweet girl. If anyone is going to appreciate a clay log and the thought and effort put into it? It’s definitely this boy.


He was on top of the world. His reaction to receiving this gift couldn’t top anyone else’s. And that I’m pretty sure is the reason she’s made it just for him—the “other” of the “little two”…


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  1. I love having my four kids and I can totally relate to this post! Sean and Eleanor are the “big kids” and Chloe and Lily are the “little girls” and they are very much the same way! One is lost without the other. It is sweet to see 🙂

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