Who would have thought that not even a year ago, someone would enter Landon’s life and make such an impact. Not me. He was only 7 at the time. We had no idea what we were getting into as we began practicing basketball with a group of boys and girls that none of us had ever met before. When after a few short months, these kids would support each other in some pretty amazing ways.


A coach who takes time with these kids just because he loves basketball and he loves kids. Getting nothing out of it, except relationships.

These boys are family. And the girls they practice against are too. This past weekend of playing showed me that so clearly as I received a message from one of the girls to make sure the boys knew she said “good luck”. It was so clear to me as I sat and watched and listened to 6th grade girls cheer on these obnoxious little boys they practice against. It was clear to me as Landon and his buddies cheered for the girls during their game.

Sure, it’s about basketball. The love of the game. The fun in winning. The learning that comes from losing. The challenge of getting better each and every time they play.

But just as important is the relationship between a coach and his players. And players between players. And parents between parents. Much has been gained as we come up on a year together. To take a group of kids and develop the bond they have is just awesome. How many times I have worried myself with what is influencing our kids. This is one influence I believe we did get right…love it when that happens.



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