this is how we roll.


I am feeling overwhelmed right now with support. Parents who are willing to help run kids a million different directions, pick up kids from camp (can’t wait to talk to my girls!!), and put up with our furry child as she takes up residence for several days.

Steve who is willing to take a road trip with me, complete with a thermos full of coffee and a Christmas coffee mug to drink it from.

And don’t forget the earpiece. We both have A LOT of calls to make, emails to send, and loose ends to tie up for the next few hours of windshield time. And if we do this on the way, the way home should be filled with time to solve world issues. (Ha!) Or at least our own issues. How long is this road trip???

Let’s see…it’s been about 15 years since we’ve taken a road trip in a car

And could be my easiest packing trip ever. Blessings Unlimited shirts for each day! And enough room to bring home all of the fun. I will try to post some pictures of the events of the next few days. And hopefully glimpses of our new products. The dessert and reveal party is tomorrow night. I can not wait!! Meanwhile, Steve will be in his robe, watching his shows and eating Bon bons.


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