the year of change


God had been preparing, challenging, and surprising me this last year. Easily, the last several months can be linked with many changes in many areas of my life.

As I have posted before, we made a huge decision about year ago to leave our family church and begin something new.

Steve has taken a leap of faith on a new position within his company after the last few months of prayer and discernment.

And then. The weekend I have been waiting for since I left last year…Summer Jam. Blessings Unlimited’s national conference. It started off with a bang when we arrived and then we were given a huge announcement…



If one thing I have learned throughout growing in my relationship with Jesus, when his hands are all over it? There is no stopping it. And things happen quickly, and smoothly. And once it’s done you wonder how in the world that actually happened?

I am still processing and taking it all in. Mary & Martha is our new company name. They had me from the start…and now I am praying and figuring out how to convey this new message, the new products, and the new way we are going to be doing gatherings. It is so amazing that I can’t fully describe at this time. (Steve begging to go work out is one reason!)

What I do know, is that it’s better than you can imagine.

As in times of any new change, it is sometimes hard to process. Perfect for us to hear from Valerie Burton yesterday on change.

Some nuggets I walked away with:
•”fear is inevitable, but not a stop sign”
•”the more you stretch, the bigger your comfort zone”. ( how great is that?!)
•”how are people’s lives better when they cross your path? (Love this!!)
•”be intentionally happy —don’t let the stuff that doesn’t matter cause you to lose joy.

“Behold I am doing a new thing”—-our theme verse for the year. Little did I know exactly how many new things God was up to.



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