I love you, you love me…🎶


🎶We’re a happy family! Or are we?

For the record, it was not Steve or my idea to leave early in the morning. Early in the morning, yes, which to me means 5:00 am. Anything earlier than that is late—late in the night. Are you with me? So, being a family of 6, there are times when the majority rules. And the majority ruled to leave very early (er,late at night in my world).

I do remember as a kid doing the same thing. The excitement of family vacation!! Getting up when it’s dark for a long road trip and all is happy and jolly…at least for the first 15 miles or so. Of if our parents were really lucky, it lasted until the snacks ran out. Which could be within 15 miles.

Well, my kids did not get the memo. Now remember…THEIR idea. So the bickering about who gets what seat, where to put your legs, how heavy you are breathing, and what movie to watch…well? That was not happening. I want to yell from the depths of my being AT LEAST YOU HAVE A MOVIE!! You know back when we were kids…ha!!! I only said that one time.

It was a bit of a rough start this morning. God was waiting on us to ask Him to be with us. So after a prayer time, we are off.

We packed all of the essentials. Food for a family of 6 requires a big cooler. And it doesn’t fit in the back of a suburban. But you better believe we made room for a basketball…

And don’t forget Grandma’s yummy s’more bars. But we could not leave without THE essential for Steve and I…

As I write, half are sleeping, half are watching a movie, and all are anticipating a yummy breakfast here in a couple of hours. I love you, you love me…we’re a happy family. 🎶


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  1. So the whining and bickering in the car doesn’t get better as they get older, huh? Lol, I guess I know what we have to look forward to in a few years 😉

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