I’ll be still.


Our kids were giddy driving up into our home in the mountains for the week. Some were nervous. And some were very nervous as Steve sped around and around and right past our home. We honestly counted a handful of deer and even a mama and her baby as our welcoming committee to God’s beautiful creation.


As I woke up to the aroma of fresh ground coffee (Steve’s a good man—and he also knew he would NOT be seeing a Starbucks for a week) God just laid on my heart to “be still”.

I know we have been in a time of craziness for the last couple of months. Never would I trade the life we have. Looking forward to an intentional time of slowing down and then actually being here (getting here was the hard part—as all moms know when packing for vacation) I think makes this time even more sweet.

Sitting off the kitchen deck with hot coffee on a beautiful 55 degree morning, with goose bumps from the chill in the air, it is easy to “be still”. We were “still” enough for a hummingbird greeting. And we were “still” enough to hear animals ruffling through the leaves. When we are “still” we are able to recognize God’s voice simply saying “Be still and know~that I God”. Psalm 46:10.



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