“best day ever!”



Landon got after his vacation entry as soon as we got back while waiting for supper. In his words…”this was the best day ever!” I’m really not sure how he figures…we made a wrong turn on our Perimeter Trail hike making our trip 2 miles longer than the intended 5 mile hike around Ouray. Which, put is at tripling our hiking from yesterday. When he whined and griped. I will never understand him, but the joy he’s had all day has given us all joy. (Well, it’s all relative. Not much joy when we veered off our path). By the time I started our mapmyrun app, we had already gone well over a mile.


And Landon’s thoughts…

“We had a really big breakfast with steak and eggs. We did a 5 mile hike but we turned rongand we added 2 more miles.

I was walking with Dad and he dropped his granola bar and he slipped on a rock and his foot whentup and he kicked the bar and almost hit me in the back of the head.

Me and Kourtney whentto the hot springs pool. I sat out for a hour because I thout that I wasn’t going to pass the swim test but I actually past the swimming test!!”

(Kids under the age of 13 have to pass a swimming test before they are able to play on the obstacle course.)

{see Landon going over the yellow end~he and Kourtney raced each other over and over}


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