the best for last…says miss kass


And now we hear from Kass…

“We went white water rafting today!! I started my day off with a pain in my back after sleeping three to a bed last night.

We woke up, ate breakfast and headed to white water rafting at Mild to Wild. We got through the whole safety schpiel (sp?) and we were off! And of course we got the weirdest guide there…he was a total adrenalin junkie!! I have to admit, it did make the rides more interesting.

The ride started off pretty slow, but then we all had to get in the frigid water–in the morning!


Towards the end of the ride we hit some rapids and I about fell out. Then we finished the ride and rode the bus back.

We went back to our hotel and packed up our stuff. For lunch we went to HomeSlice Pizza. We ate some really good pizza!


Now, we are back on the road. Our original plan was to drive to Colorado Springs, but unfortunately plans changed. We are heading home. The whole 13 hours home. It’s gonna be a long night”.





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