It’s pretty easy to take a look at a heaping pile of laundry after a week away from home and want to crawl in a hole—-been there?!

It’s also pretty easy to look at my kitchen table full of deliveries that need to be made, VBS materials looming to be organized, finalized, and ready for a huge weekend of hopefully life changing fun — and think…just take me back to last week—please?

It’s just the reality of vacation. It must come to an end. And reality sinks in and you wish it was three or four days later when the comfort of routine has taken up residence once again. To be honest, it will probably take me longer than that. Although there is only one load left to wash!!

20130728-224641.jpg{don’t they look happy folding laundry? And not sure it was appreciated the question of which was better—laundry or hiking 7 miles! Ha! I think I am quite funny sometimes.}

In all seriousness, we were able to capture the virtue of thankfulness. And gratitude. This past week was filled with the beauty of creation. Perhaps some of the most beautiful sights we have ever seen. And when we walked in next to a family with a blind adult child, I was overwhelmed with gratefulness that we can see. While on the train we were next to a family of 5. As we rode together, it became obvious that the father was deaf. At first you wondered if there was something wrong between him and his wife– as it appeared they were not talking to each other. But we soon realized, as his wife signed to him, that he was deaf. As I heard the exclamations from his children as they would see something and point, it became blatantly obvious that I got to hear the joy and excitement from his kids–and he didn’t. I was overwhelmed with the ability to hear. It seemed as though he was missing out on so much interaction. And yet, both Steve and I found ourselves wishing at different times that we couldn’t hear bickering, yelling, and whining. How quickly this turned us around. How quickly we were reminded of the gift of being able to hear and see with our kids.

And on our huge trail. How many times I thought—-not everyone could do this. Not everyone is healthy enough to experience a hike up in the mountains with their kids and family. There are kids who can not walk. There are chronic illnesses others are faced with that would never allow them to experience what our family of six was able to experience—together.

We were able to talk with and introduce the kids to someone who is homeless and had not seen his parents for three years. He lived in a bus. And here we are, able to vacation together–stay in a mountain home and GO home when our week is through. Go home to a house with plenty of food. No worries of keeping cool or warm.

We are home. We have learned to be grateful. We were experiencing what it COULD be like. We were experiencing what we take for granted. God showed us and gave us opportunities to talk with the kids about how blessed we really are. Because it can be pretty easy to get caught up in what isn’t “right” in our own little world.

And to think we came home at the end of July and Steve was wearing this to go outside? Gratitude.


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  1. And how many people experience what you did and focus on the negative and wish the kids would just get along, and don’t look around to see the good things in their situation that you did? You are blessed to see outside your box!! Lucky you!

    • Well, I was convicted!! Because there were enough times negativity crept in. I just think God uses your circumstances to teach you and help you realize how blessed we really are. There was no way to ignore…His voice was loud this week—living among his creation makes it louder sometimes, don’t you think? 😉

  2. Well I think you ARE funny! 😉 Your posts are always fun to read. Wow, so this was another good one. Gratitude is not something that always comes easy. I am so happy for your family to have enjoyed this vacation together. Although I bet you feel like you need a vacation after your vacation with all the stuff you have to do once you get home, huh? lol. I am often struck with how much our family has to be thankful for also. We have a home, our kids are healthy, clothed, and fed. There is so much sadness and heartache in the world. We are truly blessed ♥ And yes this weather is amazing! Feels like Fall!

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