what to do about dating…


Being together in my circle of friends 10 years ago our conversations centered around potty training, deciding between preschools, to work or not to work, how to keep your house clean, when the next play date was, trip to the zoo, lunch at the park, discussions on discipline, which activities to get your kids involved in— and the list goes on and on. I remember those days so well. The problems and issues of raising toddlers and babies. It was so fun.

And then things change. And your circles of friends change as your kids go to school. Living out in the country like we did, I had many friends from different towns. All raising kids together. Tuesdays in the summer were an open invitation for swimming with brownies and peach tea. Oh how I miss those days.

And now, as our older kids are going into high school, we are reconnecting again. And this time, the subjects aren’t as light. The subject of dating is what one coffee hour consisted of. Definitely not an area of expertise of mine. But we are realizing it is time to begin thinking about our feelings on the matter.

And luckily this last week provided Steve and I with some much needed insight into the world of dating ( as far as our girls are concerned—not even going there with Landon).


We have found the perfect date for them. He’s a little stiff, keeps his hands to himself, and has a perpetual smile. He doesn’t speak, can’t drive or text. We think he’s just perfect. And the girls look pretty happy, don’t you think?


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