coffee snobs.


Did you know that I live with a coffee snob? A coffee yuppy, as Duck Dynasty would call it. (The kids watched Duck Dynasty for hours while we drove—it’s great for us in the front seats too—so funny even without viewing it!)

Back to the coffee snob. I’m not sure how it happened, although I do know the coffee bean doesn’t fall far from the plant–meaning Steve and his mom both have very particular tastes when it comes to coffee. Unfortunately, it’s beginning to rub off on me. I never even liked coffee. When did this happen!? That I have to have a fresh brewed cup each and every morning. Not only fresh brewed, but fresh ground. Not only fresh ground, but fresh roasted. We have become crazy people over here!!!

So when Mary & Martha introduced their new product, fresh roasted Honduran coffee, I was a bit skeptical. Mostly because I knew the coffee snobsdrinkers that I live with, and knew it would be a tough sell.


After hearing from the coffee roaster himself about the misson and roasting of this Honduran coffee, I could not wait to put these two coffee roasting connoisseurs together head to head. It was fun for Steve and the roaster of Mary & Martha to hook up and share their roasting experiences.

This taken straight from our new product guide:
Our coffee has a story. Our current selection of coffee grows in a remote,mountainous region of Honduras—the Opalaca mountain range. The region produced generations of coffee farmers who were proud of the crops they raised, but they had a big problem. They did not make enough money from their coffee to last from one harvest to the next. Enter a missionary family from the U.S. Nearly twenty years ago, they moved to Honduras and connected with these farmers. They worked tirelessly to improve both the farming practices and business practices of these farmers. As a result of this work, the farmers now make 500% more for their harvests, which they invest in building homes and youth programs plus other investments in their local community.

This is the story behind the coffee of Mary & Martha. Besides getting an awesome cup of coffee, you are helping improve the lives of a family of farmers in Honduras.


The next couple of weeks I will be having Meet Mary & Martha gatherings…and as long as we don’t drink it all before my order for more comes in, it will be served. And even more exciting than that? It is our guest promotion for the month of August! You will have the opportunity to purchase for 1/2 off and receive a Mary & Martha coffee mug for free!!!

Come Meet Mary & Martha and taste for yourself how yummy this coffee is. It just might make you a coffee snob too…

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