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COFFEE drive!


Do you send a “Back to School Gift” for your kids’ teachers?  There are so many fun ideas and it’s such an awesome way to show your appreciation for those special people who are shaping the lives of your kids.  Secretaries, principals, counselors, bus drivers, custodians…they all make a difference.  And a sweet token from your children and/or family is always meaningful.


Today is our LAST day in August to order from Mary & Martha for the August specials.  Which just happens to be coffee.  AND, our jewelry line from the summer will be discontinued and no longer available.

Today ONLY I am offering one of our beautiful coffee mugs (discontinued from last year) which have been a popular item my customers have purchased.  Today with a purchase of a bag of our yummy coffee, you will get a coffee mug of your choice with it…


Take your pick between the beauty, blessing, gratitude, or wonder mug.  For every bag of coffee you purchase, you get a mug of your choice!


Pinterest has inspired me to come up with a coffee deal, because THIS is just too cute.  Your teachers would LOVE this.


Isn’t that just the cutest?  These tags you could originally order on Etsy…BUT, they would be easy to create.  Or better yet?  Have your child draw and write the message!!

What an awesome time of year—full of energy and excitement for a new beginning. You’ve got to admit, as much fun as summer is, a new school year is energizing and filled with anticipation.  Want to add a little teacher appreciation to their first day?  Contact me!  Orders will be placed this evening.



good things ahead…


We have a fun filled weekend planned after a crazy fly by the seat of our pants week.  Seriously, I don’t know where in the world the week went?  I worked a couple of nights which always throws us into a tizzy…but, honestly—Nat has had an event EVERY night this week, I’ve had meetings, add to it practices?  Our week is gone.  And it makes me sad—since it was our last full week of summer.  We did not have 6 of us around our table once this week.  Most of the time 5–tonight it was 4, and sometimes it was on the run.  Not exactly how I was envisioning our evenings.  Where is our Colorado schedule?  I want it back!!  I want the 18 meals and still counting…

Tonight is the night of all nights which marks the official ending to summer and beginning of a brand new school year.  Wildcat Pride Night is here!  As junior high parents, you are just tapping this new world ahead.  And now with a freshman, we are there full out with volleyball and cheerleading previews.  It’s picture day also.  My girls informed me that today was just going to be a very busy day and to not plan anything.  HA!

A kickoff to a great weekend, we are also anticipating much family time each day.  And also a special evening for our two girls which I can’t wait to talk about.  But until then, I had so much fun linking up with Tonya’s Weekend Potluck last week (click HERE for the fun), that I am sharing one of our all time favorite baked goodies recipe.  My mom asked to provide this for a celebration this Sunday, and much to Nat’s dismay—I told her to hold off on making it until Nat’s birthday.  You may remember me talking about Natalie asking for this Cream Cheese Bread INSTEAD of a cake each year for her birthday.  No kidding.  The kid loves it.  And so does most of the human population, I believe.  It’s become a birthday and holiday staple around here and it just doesn’t get much better than this…

Cream Cheese Bread

Cream Cheese Bread
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp. salt
2 eggs
1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
5 tsp. yeast
1/2 cup warm water
4 cups flour
Stir sour cream over low heat in a sauce pan. Add sugar, salt, and butter. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. In a mixing bowl add warm water then sprinkle yeast over the top and let dissolve. When dissolved add sour cream mixture, eggs, and flour. This dough will be sticky. Do not add any more than 4 cups of flour.
Now cover and refrigerate overnight.
Divide dough into 4 equal parts. Roll each into an 8×12 rectangle.
Prepare Cream Cheese Mixture:
Mix 2 pkgs cream cheese (softened)
3/4 cup sugar
1/8 tsp. salt
1 egg
2 tsp. vanilla
Spread 1/4 of cream chees mixture on each rectangle. Roll into log form, slite each roll diagonally across the top 3 times. Arrange on a greased jelly roll pan. Cover with a tea towel and let rise for 1 hour. Bake at 350 degrees for 16-18 minutes. Cover with glaze while loaves are still warm.
2 cups powdered sugar
2 Tbsp. milk
2 tsp. vanilla
It is seriously delicious and definitely worth the few steps and time it takes to make it.  It’s been used for teacher gifts and is almost always served to our guests during the Christmas season.  And of course, for Natalie’s birthday each and every year.
Ironically in this picture, my oldest is celebrating her birthday at the age of my youngest now.  Did you get that?  I did.  And that is just about to do me in…



Meet our new MacJ@mmerz!! Do you love the name for our Journey @ McPherson Kid Jam worship team members as much as I do? The kids came up with this after a long night of rehearsing, learning songs, and dancing.


You know when you’re a 5th grader? You’re not little anymore, but you’re really not quite ready to hang with the big kids. We are hoping that this new Kid Jam worship team is just what they need.

We are chipping away at details and plans for a once a month family centered “production” we call Kid Jam. Journey Mennonite Church as a whole has been doing this for years at the other campuses. They are awesome!

More details to come on this. But some of the first steps are on their way. I do know it’s a great year to be a 5 th grader at Journey@McPherson…

YOUR lucky day.


I have made a goal for myself for the month of August. I am $200 away from that goal. And there are 3 days left. I don’t like NOT meeting my goals—because, you know—then I feel like a failure. Nevermind how lofty my goals may be!! HA! Because I REALLY want to meet my goal, I have a fun little GIVEAWAY for one lucky Mary & Martha customer of mine…




How does $70 in FREE (ding, ding, ding!!!) Mary & Martha product sound to you?!

And that’s NOT all. Let’s go ahead and throw in a couple of 1/2 priced items.

And what? You’d like a few more rewards?

How about this beautiful hammered sterling silver cross necklace for $23? (regularly $76)

And if that isn’t enough “rewarding” for you? How about this Hostess Exclusive HOME tray for $25?


Would you like to know how to get all of this for yourself? It could NOT be more simple.

For every $50 you spend in Mary & Martha product, you will earn a raffle ticket. DEADLINE IS SATURDAY–AUGUST 31ST!!!! Did you see that? There is a DEADLINE!!!! AUGUST 31st. That’s only a couple of days away, everyone. On August 31 BEFORE I put in my order, I will draw for the LUCKY hostess!!! Rewards have truly never been easier and I am excited to offer this to one of you. You MUST order through me for this to count. Winner of the raffle drawing wins and takes home ALL REWARDS!!!! (raffle is subject to $200 in total sales to make up a $500 gathering)

Now also, do not forget that all jewelry from our first jewelry catalog is being discontinued. So–here is one last opportunity to order items like these…


or my favorite of all time bracelet…


And this bracelet that I have worn every day for the last week…


Of course…if ONE or TWO of you want to go together and decide that you can come up with $200 between yourselves and want a guarantee at the rewards for yourself or to split? I am absolutely cool with that. And if that happens? The raffle will not. Make sense? So in a way, this is a first come, first serve opportunity. And in a way, it COULD also be a fun raffle. I’m kind of partial to raffles myself after trying one for the first time a couple of weeks ago! Go ahead—talk amongst yourselves!!!

It’s up to all of you to decide which way we go with the BiG REWARDS GIVEAWAY!!!! A great opportunity for those of you who are unable to host in September with our double hostess rewards (where you REALLY earn some major rewards). Really—no easier way. It would be a shame for HUGE discounts and FREE $$ to go to waste. And? With a $50 order through me? You can buy our yummy Mary & Martha coffee for half off AND get a free mug!

Who’s READY? Are you with me?

email, call or text 620-386-0203, message or comment on Facebook

all over the place.


Emotions are flying high around here. A soon to be high school freshman who, as of this week, has something every evening—giving us just a little taste of what life is going to be for the rest of the years we have her at home. So fun. So exciting to see her involved and thriving—yet, sad that it feels like just yesterday when I was mentally preparing myself for her first day of kindergarten.

We cleaned out closets, as you all know, and I have now retired these…

Little kid hangers.  Why am I getting choked up about little kid hangers?!   My little kids are turning big right before my very eyes. I can’t help but want to turn back time. I shouldn’t. I wrote all about embracing {HErE} just about a year ago to the day. And yet I still have not seemed to come to grips with this concept.

Looking forward to this new year that is really just a few sleeps away. A good friend of mine sent me this picture as she organized for the new school year (she is our Elementary School secretary we love!)

This blessed my whole boo-hoo(ey) day.  Love to see Mary & Martha products being used!!  Thanks Kim for making my day–I LOVE it!!

Speaking of Mary & Martha, be looking for an awesome opportunity for one of you with some rewards I am GIVING AWAY!!!

That should bring a bit of excitement to my roller coaster of emotions…

you just need to know.


I have stumbled upon some really neat things and I just don’t feel right about not sharing…

One of the funnest little websites called The Plaid Barn started to intrigue me last spring. It always starts with “intrigue”—which leads to curiosity—which leads to—well, um, let me put it this way…me buying a deal of the week almost weekly. The very, very cool thing about buying the deal? It is C H E A P. Sometimes trendy for you to wear? Hello, my lovely mini bubble necklaces~

Or fun little quirky things you just can’t find anywhere.
Like these mason jar lids with a hole for a straw. A couple of years ago I began entertaining using mason jars for drinking cups—and a fun straw. Seems a bit more special than the old red solo cup—AND you can dress it up with your choice of straws. And now?! A pretty little lid to make things over the top special.

Here’s the catch. The deal only lasts for a day. So, you’ll get the deal in your inbox via email–and if you know you want it, you act right now. It’s like a daily shopping trip! It will show you past deals, but you can’t get them. You can only sit and wish you had purchased. Believe me. I missed out on something I really wanted.

And most of the time, it is something crafty. I am so NOT crafty. So it is very empowering to me when I can LEAVE THE DEAL ALONE on that particular day. BUT, every once in awhile, something catches my eye. Usually pretty trendy (and C H E A P is the only way to go for trendy—you know that, right?) or something I know I can use to help my Mary & Martha business. Like this colorful twine I’m waiting on…

The-Plaid-Barn-Twine-Time--400x400And then I look back on past deals that I should have jumped on? And it makes me sad, then mad, and helps me to realize, I should have just jumped. Like these straws…

The-Plaid-Barn-Chevron-Straws--400x400I could just cry. I LOVE these straws. And I did everything I could to get them. But, I can’t. And neither can you. Glad I’m showing them to you??????

The-Plaid-Barn-Chevron-Scarves--400x412And the other fine deal I missed. I can hardly even look at it without kicking myself. Apparently I am very in to chevron. And I do believe, it is a trend. So cheap chevron? Don’t pass it up like I did. Again, you won’t be able to get this deal. I’m full of positivity, aren’t I?

The GOOD NEWS IS THIS!!! Anyone can sign up to get the deals by getting The Plaid Barn delivered to your email inbox every day. It really is fun to see what they come up with. And just to look everyday is FREE. And if you think you might want the deal? Don’t let it pass you up—because, as you know now, you can not go back and get it after you have deliberated about your decision for a week. I know how that goes. And maybe THAT is why The Plaid Barn is doing so well. Because you are going to buy if you like it. Or at least that’s what I do. And Steve hasn’t asked about The Plaid Barn on our credit card…yet. Guessing I just ruined that.

the last week.


How do you make the last week of the summer the BEST week of the summer? Tell me how? When we’ve had weeks of loosened schedules, no homework, no outside responsibility, really. How do we make this a week of treasures? How do we tolerate 97 degree temps with a closed public pool?


Fishing in a local pond is how you start it off right…



Add in some neighbors, who are cousins, and also some of your best friends—-and it makes it even better.

God created kitties.


Creation bracelets one week. A scavenger/treasure hunt for…

KITTIES!!!! Yes, God created kitties.

This could potentially work out very well for us. How many Littles will be begging to take one, two, or three home with them? Wish us luck! Ha! They may be looking for a different ministry for Steve and I to serve in after today…

confession upon confession.


Everyone loves a good confession, right? And I have a couple to share. Because sometimes when you share your confession–or “confess”, it helps to hold you accountable. And that is what I’m going for—right here. Accountability.

Confession # 1.

**I am addicted to blogs. I mean, I am seriously addicted to them. In fact, there was a time Steve asked me stop becoming so emotionally bound into the lives of people I do not know. The problem? I feel like I know them. Truly.  And it’s just a sweet little relaxing part of my day as I drink my coffee…

Confession #2.

**I think I may be a hoarder.

Now, not a hoarder of everything. I do like my home decluttered–and thanks to many of you for helping make that happen this last week!!!! But when it comes to clothes? I think I could justify just about everything that is hanging, laying, and packed in my closet. For real. And I know for certain, there are some things that have not been worn for years. This is a problem. I admit it. And sometimes? Confessions lead to accountability—and that’s what I’m going for here. I need help.

It is quite sweet and empowering when one confession leads to helping with the other confession. Confusing? Let me explain. There is a blog I have grown very fond of the last few months. You can click {here} to see for yourself…

Pinterest Told Me To

I am not even sure how in the world I even began reading this. But it continues to intrigue me. Mostly because I love Pinterest—(a confession of addiction for another day) and I love what she does with re-creating outfits with clothes she already has in her closet—that are inspired by fashions she sees on Pinterest. It is quite fascinating to me. And has since inspired ME to take a hard look at my closet. What are my essentials that I can not live without? What are some essentials that can be paired with to make many different outfits? I just love it. And have a whole day of re-evaluation of my closet and clothes situation for today. Steve is thrilled. I have gotten out of hand. And I am here to tackle my touch of hoarding before it becomes a full-blown case of hoarditis. (so, I made up that word.) And this post? Is my accountability partner. With that, I thank you.

After a super quick run through of the closet, I compiled some pictures of things I believe are essentials to my wardrobe…

Scarves. Can you have too many? Can I get rid of the scarves I have not worn yet? Because there are a couple. Or 3 or 4…

This is ridiculousness right here.

And right here. I am telling you–I have my work cut out for me today.

The most comfy pair of neutral wedges. They are not going anywhere!

Boots. They are my best friend as soon as the leaves change on the trees and the temps fall below the high of 70. Can’t wait.

And these Toms? I tuck them in at night. I mean, I will probably be wearing these in my retirement home.

Seem like this letting go thing is going to go well, huh?! I am determined. If I haven’t worn it, I am cleaning out. If you’re looking for a new to you wardrobe? You may want to contact me. I see piles in my future.