transformation thursday—pray for steve.


It is official. Today is the day. Blessings Unlimited will now be Mary & Martha. So you know what is happening over here at my house? Out with the old and in with the new!!!





Beginning something new is not always easy is it? Embracing the “new thing” comes easier for some than others. Oh BELIEVE me when I say God is giving me opportunity to practice this embrace thing. Oh BELIEVE me when I say there is a bottleneck of change happening over here at the Kaufman abode. I am in wonder at why everything all at once? But never have felt more content in direction.

Steve, however, needs prayer. His prayer might be something like this…“Please dear Lord, give me the patience I need to endure this change from Blessings Unlimited to Mary & Martha. I have no idea why this is a big deal. But my wife has transformed our home into a warehouse. I can barely even sleep in my own bed. In fact, there was a Dayspring card nestled next to my neck as I slumbered. In fact, I stepped on a Blessed By the Grace of God sign as I stumbled to the bathroom. And coming back from the bathroom, I scraped my leg on last year’s hostess FALL leaf bowl. LAST YEAR’s Lord. Please I ask for safety. The leaves are sharp. And I ask for sanity…as this is LAST YEAR’s fall bowl. Like I have seen more than one of these in my home. I ask for sanity. Because Steph does not stay on task as I do. And Lord? While we’re at it—I pray for the HAY DAY VBS. It’s box of materials are on my nightstand. MY nightstand!? What does this mean for me? In you I give thanks. Thanks for my job—so I can escape this. Please, please, please, I beg you to transform my home by 5:00 pm? Please? Amen”

What does this mean for you? I am guessing by my Meet Mary & Martha gatherings next week, that there may be some hugely discounted Blessings Unlimited items. Not necessarily that I am wanting to get rid of them. But, um…you get the picture. Somebody’s prayers are pretty big.



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