practice run.



See these two ladies here? They are my “great aunts”. Know what they are doing BESIDES avoiding looking at the camera for me? They are sitting and watch a 3rd grade boys nationals basketball tournament. How precious is that? I’m guessing maybe they didn’t have anything to do on this particular evening…but I could be wrong?

I am posting about them because it was real life “Mary & Martha”. In fact, when I yelled for them to turn and look for a pic, I said “hey Mary & Martha!!!”—perhaps that is why they didn’t look. Hmm.

In all seriousness, I had the best conversation about “real life Mary & Martha”. Now both of these women have way more biblical knowledge than I could ever dream of having. And because of this, there was so much insight. New twists on what role both Mary & Martha played as Jesus came to their home.

I can’t wait to get this discussion going with my guests. The ministry in Blessings Unlimited has always been there, but never so easy to portray and engage as Mary & Martha.

And then? My “great uncle” declares he was a “Martha” last week as he was helping serve food and packing up tables and so forth. See? Everyone can relate…


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