who’s the 3rd wheel?



Sometimes unexpected things happen and you get one kid all alone to love on, shop with, and take out to eat. Can’t tell you the last time this has happened, but thanks to Grandpa and Grandma and three other kids excited to go with them, we got our first baby for the evening.

Now hear me when I say Nat and I have some pretty different tastes. We are in the middle of a basement makeover and not always do we agree on style. But then again, neither do Steve and I. Steve just doesn’t buck me as much as she does. And she? Sweet girl holds nothing back. If she doesn’t like it. She’ll let you know.

She got to experience her dad and my complete giddiness when walking through Fresh Market(seriously its better than going to a movie), and was feeling pretty big joining us with the coffee samples.

Best part of the evening…we never figured out who was the third wheel. Either that–or we all felt like it at one point or another.


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  1. That is so nice! Chris and I have thought it would be fun to have kid dates and take turns just taking out one kid with us for a special day/evening 🙂

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