7 pots…and counting



Just love this picture a friend of mine posted on Facebook early this morning. Just what I needed as I brewed up some Mary & Martha coffee for my very first ever Meet Mary & Martha gathering!

I woke up at 4:30 am. I was nervous. And still needing to make a banana cake. And still needed to vacuum my floor from the party last night. And needed to put dishes away and steer my focus to today. The “Martha” in me began to take over as I hurriedly checked the guest bathroom, swished and swiped for a quick clean. The “Mary” in me began to think about the guests who I knew were coming today. And the “Martha” in me freaked out that the trash can in the middle of my kitchen needed to be removed. The “Martha” in me began wiping down counters, tabletops, and last minute dust bunnies (in view) and the “Mary” in me texted and messaged dear Mary & Martha friends to please pray for my gatherings today. The “Martha” in me arranged a product table over and over until it felt just right, and the “Mary” in me decided it was fine and my guests would not care a bit if the cross was facing left or right. The “Martha” in me thought to give the wood floor a quick clean—-and the “Mary” in me thanked God for an overcast day which hides my dirty floor.



My guests ranged from age 3 to almost age 90. This same exact group of women may never be sitting at the table together like that again. Some knew each other…and some did not. But there is one thing that brings people together. A table. Sitting together, learning to know one another and coffee and goodies doesn’t hurt either.

Speaking of Mary & Martha coffee…after I made pot # 7, I quit counting! Now if that is any indication of how good this coffee is, I think you better get yourself a cup!

I would love for you to join me next Thursday, August 15th at 7:00 pm to see how this coffee pairs up with dessert! Hope to see you there!

And new gathering recipes coming tomorrow…


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