pill popping begins…


Natalie said the dreaded words. Just yesterday in fact. I have been in compete denial despite the bumper car effect going on at Walmart right now. Despite the crowded aisles and probable ridiculous sales. Despite the commercials and sales ads and rumble of talk on best prices for this and for that.

It’s school supply time!!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong….I did embrace this with my kids fully when in their very first years. It’s exciting–you just about can’t beat the smell of new crayons, can you?

I must confess that now? It is all I have in me to take my four lists and a pen and cross off as the mountainous pile in my cart continues to grow. The headache begins to build from the back of my head as tension settles in my neck. They do not have the size of glue I need. And oh no— the folders should not have holes punched in them—put those back. Now who needed the red folders and who needed blue? And oh my goodness…where on earth do our pencil boxes go from last year?


Never in my life am I so excited to get rid of a list, when there is something we just couldn’t find at one store. Or they ran out.

I learned my lesson the very hard way last year as I saw it as a benefit my kids start school weeks after most. I thought—we are going to avoid the craziness and wait it out. Big, huge mistake. Because guess what? Things go on sale for a brief period of time. And they don’t always carry said school supplies through the year. Don’t get caught! Embrace the craziness of the week.

I love our school. I love the organization the new school year brings. I love enrollment and finding out schedules and teachers. And I love the school supplies AFTER they are purchased and in the backpacks.

I confess. I may be popping a Tylenol to get through what lies ahead of me today. Or if nothing else—a big huge sonic drink.


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