three down.


A word from a friend got me thinking that school supply shopping might just go better…if I did them one by one.

It takes time. And extra gas $$. But I think we found the ticket to back to school shopping splendor. And the three that are finished so far? Agree wholeheartedly on the new strategy. Some shopped for socks and some sports bras and spandex. I’ll let you figure out who is who. All have their backpacks packed. Except for Nat. You don’t need supplies in HS or what? I looked and looked and found no list. Then my HS parenting mentors informed me that indeed, there is no list. Hmmm…I just had a “last” with my firstborn and missed it. Wasn’t I just talking about this?



This boy and I got caught in a rainstorm in the middle of the afternoon. Thank goodness for Sonic happy hour!

On to child #2. Day #2. Town #2. And perhaps the LEAST pickiest of all to finish up our “last” school supply shopping trip with our 8th grader. That just made me kinda sad.

And then this girl. Just so darn happy to get some quality time. Town #3 and Walmart #3. Thought she’d be the longest trip of all, but we were out of there in no time. And her notebooks and folders? Adorable! Go Newton—definitely the best selection. Who doesn’t love chevron?

Can’t beat the one on one time that is few and far between. You learn so much in just that small amount of time. And speaking of time…



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