you just need to know.


I have stumbled upon some really neat things and I just don’t feel right about not sharing…

One of the funnest little websites called The Plaid Barn started to intrigue me last spring. It always starts with “intrigue”—which leads to curiosity—which leads to—well, um, let me put it this way…me buying a deal of the week almost weekly. The very, very cool thing about buying the deal? It is C H E A P. Sometimes trendy for you to wear? Hello, my lovely mini bubble necklaces~

Or fun little quirky things you just can’t find anywhere.
Like these mason jar lids with a hole for a straw. A couple of years ago I began entertaining using mason jars for drinking cups—and a fun straw. Seems a bit more special than the old red solo cup—AND you can dress it up with your choice of straws. And now?! A pretty little lid to make things over the top special.

Here’s the catch. The deal only lasts for a day. So, you’ll get the deal in your inbox via email–and if you know you want it, you act right now. It’s like a daily shopping trip! It will show you past deals, but you can’t get them. You can only sit and wish you had purchased. Believe me. I missed out on something I really wanted.

And most of the time, it is something crafty. I am so NOT crafty. So it is very empowering to me when I can LEAVE THE DEAL ALONE on that particular day. BUT, every once in awhile, something catches my eye. Usually pretty trendy (and C H E A P is the only way to go for trendy—you know that, right?) or something I know I can use to help my Mary & Martha business. Like this colorful twine I’m waiting on…

The-Plaid-Barn-Twine-Time--400x400And then I look back on past deals that I should have jumped on? And it makes me sad, then mad, and helps me to realize, I should have just jumped. Like these straws…

The-Plaid-Barn-Chevron-Straws--400x400I could just cry. I LOVE these straws. And I did everything I could to get them. But, I can’t. And neither can you. Glad I’m showing them to you??????

The-Plaid-Barn-Chevron-Scarves--400x412And the other fine deal I missed. I can hardly even look at it without kicking myself. Apparently I am very in to chevron. And I do believe, it is a trend. So cheap chevron? Don’t pass it up like I did. Again, you won’t be able to get this deal. I’m full of positivity, aren’t I?

The GOOD NEWS IS THIS!!! Anyone can sign up to get the deals by getting The Plaid Barn delivered to your email inbox every day. It really is fun to see what they come up with. And just to look everyday is FREE. And if you think you might want the deal? Don’t let it pass you up—because, as you know now, you can not go back and get it after you have deliberated about your decision for a week. I know how that goes. And maybe THAT is why The Plaid Barn is doing so well. Because you are going to buy if you like it. Or at least that’s what I do. And Steve hasn’t asked about The Plaid Barn on our credit card…yet. Guessing I just ruined that.

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