YOUR lucky day.


I have made a goal for myself for the month of August. I am $200 away from that goal. And there are 3 days left. I don’t like NOT meeting my goals—because, you know—then I feel like a failure. Nevermind how lofty my goals may be!! HA! Because I REALLY want to meet my goal, I have a fun little GIVEAWAY for one lucky Mary & Martha customer of mine…




How does $70 in FREE (ding, ding, ding!!!) Mary & Martha product sound to you?!

And that’s NOT all. Let’s go ahead and throw in a couple of 1/2 priced items.

And what? You’d like a few more rewards?

How about this beautiful hammered sterling silver cross necklace for $23? (regularly $76)

And if that isn’t enough “rewarding” for you? How about this Hostess Exclusive HOME tray for $25?


Would you like to know how to get all of this for yourself? It could NOT be more simple.

For every $50 you spend in Mary & Martha product, you will earn a raffle ticket. DEADLINE IS SATURDAY–AUGUST 31ST!!!! Did you see that? There is a DEADLINE!!!! AUGUST 31st. That’s only a couple of days away, everyone. On August 31 BEFORE I put in my order, I will draw for the LUCKY hostess!!! Rewards have truly never been easier and I am excited to offer this to one of you. You MUST order through me for this to count. Winner of the raffle drawing wins and takes home ALL REWARDS!!!! (raffle is subject to $200 in total sales to make up a $500 gathering)

Now also, do not forget that all jewelry from our first jewelry catalog is being discontinued. So–here is one last opportunity to order items like these…


or my favorite of all time bracelet…


And this bracelet that I have worn every day for the last week…


Of course…if ONE or TWO of you want to go together and decide that you can come up with $200 between yourselves and want a guarantee at the rewards for yourself or to split? I am absolutely cool with that. And if that happens? The raffle will not. Make sense? So in a way, this is a first come, first serve opportunity. And in a way, it COULD also be a fun raffle. I’m kind of partial to raffles myself after trying one for the first time a couple of weeks ago! Go ahead—talk amongst yourselves!!!

It’s up to all of you to decide which way we go with the BiG REWARDS GIVEAWAY!!!! A great opportunity for those of you who are unable to host in September with our double hostess rewards (where you REALLY earn some major rewards). Really—no easier way. It would be a shame for HUGE discounts and FREE $$ to go to waste. And? With a $50 order through me? You can buy our yummy Mary & Martha coffee for half off AND get a free mug!

Who’s READY? Are you with me?

email, call or text 620-386-0203, message or comment on Facebook

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