COFFEE drive!


Do you send a “Back to School Gift” for your kids’ teachers?  There are so many fun ideas and it’s such an awesome way to show your appreciation for those special people who are shaping the lives of your kids.  Secretaries, principals, counselors, bus drivers, custodians…they all make a difference.  And a sweet token from your children and/or family is always meaningful.


Today is our LAST day in August to order from Mary & Martha for the August specials.  Which just happens to be coffee.  AND, our jewelry line from the summer will be discontinued and no longer available.

Today ONLY I am offering one of our beautiful coffee mugs (discontinued from last year) which have been a popular item my customers have purchased.  Today with a purchase of a bag of our yummy coffee, you will get a coffee mug of your choice with it…


Take your pick between the beauty, blessing, gratitude, or wonder mug.  For every bag of coffee you purchase, you get a mug of your choice!


Pinterest has inspired me to come up with a coffee deal, because THIS is just too cute.  Your teachers would LOVE this.


Isn’t that just the cutest?  These tags you could originally order on Etsy…BUT, they would be easy to create.  Or better yet?  Have your child draw and write the message!!

What an awesome time of year—full of energy and excitement for a new beginning. You’ve got to admit, as much fun as summer is, a new school year is energizing and filled with anticipation.  Want to add a little teacher appreciation to their first day?  Contact me!  Orders will be placed this evening.




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